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If you’re just starting a Yoga practice then you probably haven’t had time to figure out some of the tips and tricks that will make it easier to get started with a regular Yoga practice. These 5 tips from experienced Yoga practitioners will help you as you start your own regular Yoga practice:

1. Buy a good mat – Your Yoga mat will help protect your joints and will also be an important part of yAdd Imageour yoga practice. Don’t buy a poor quality mat just because it’s inexpensive. When you are sure that you are going to start doing Yoga on a regular basis then it’s time to invest in a high quality mat. It’s a better value to buy a high quality mat that will last than to buy something cheap that will need to be replaced quickly.

2. Wear clothing designed for Yoga – When you’re doing Yoga you’ll be moving in ways that can put a lot of stress on clothing. You need to have clothing that is loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to not get in the way of your movement. You also need to wear clothing that will stand up to a lot of movement and stretching. Resist the urge to buy normal gym clothes and buy some clothes that are specifically designed for Yoga.

3. Practice at home – Even if you’re taking a class at a Yoga studio you should set aside some time to practice your Yoga at home until you get the hang of the poses. Practicing at home will also help you increase your flexibility and agility.

4. Compare Yoga studios before you commit – There are lots of Yoga studios and holistic centers that offer Yoga classes. Before you commit to one particular studio you should attend classes at three or four different places so that you can compare the prices, the class sizes, and the teaching styles to which one is the best for you.

5. Give it time – It might take some time before you are as flexible as some of the other people in the class. It also might take some time for you learn the poses and the meditations. Don’t give up. There’s always a learning curve when you’re learning something new and the other people in the class and the teacher won’t expect you to be to be perfect from the start. Join a beginner’s Yoga class at first so that you will be other people who are also just learning.
By Jay

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